Note: Each part course content will be available for 3 months from sign up, the bundle will be available for 6 months from sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone take these classes?

Anyone can start learning Korean with this course. The lessons are provided in a video on demand (VOD) style. You can watch them whenever and wherever you want!

Do I need to know some Korean beforehand?

To get the most out of the course you should at least have a basic understanding of the Korean alphabet (Hangul).

How are the beginner classes scheduled?

You can start anytime once you purchased the program. You will have full access to the lessons for 3 months or 6 months, depending on whether you purchased the two parts separately, or as a bundle.

Why are there two parts to this course?

The full Talk Talk Talk Korean course has 32 units but has been split into two parts to allow people to break up the term into two smaller sections to more easily fit into anyone's schedule. Part 1 contains lesson 1 to lesson 16, and Part 2 contains lesson 17 to lesson 32. We strongly recommend attending Part 1 first before taking Part 2.

How much do the courses cost?

Each Part of the Talk Talk Talk Korean Course costs $300.00, and you have a total of three months after the date you pay to complete the course. The bundle costs $560.00 and you have a total of six months after the date you pay to complete the course.

Do I have to finish the courses in a specific amount of time or maintain a certain attendance rate?

No, however, your access to the course will expire after 3 months for part 1 and part 2 or six months for the bundle from the date you pay.

Will I get a certificate for finishing a course?

If you complete both part 1 and part 2 of the Talk Talk Talk Korean course, with 100% lesson completion, submit all the quizzes and pass the final test with a score of 80 you will receive an official level 1 certificate from Dongguk University.

Will I be able to ask questions to the teachers

Yes, you can use our student communication system and communicate with the course teachers, our team and other students directly.

Why should I take this course?

This course has been made in conjunction with Dongguk University, with certified and experienced professors and teachers at the university in order to give the best learning experience in an on-demand online course. It’s perfect for those who want to start their Korean Language journey or have an ambition to one day study Korean at the University.

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Online Dongguk Korean Course - Talk Talk Talk Korean

Designed to teach you Korean fast.
Dongguk University Talk Talk Talk Korean - Part 1
Dongguk University

Dongguk University, based on the Buddhist spirit, was established in 1906 to nurture students who will contribute to the nation, human society, and nature. The Dongguk University International Language Institute pursues the founding ideology of Dongguk University: Love for humanity and love of nature. We educate people about Korean language and culture and has been working hard to develop educational programs and educational materials so that students can learn the Korean language and Korean culture in an interesting and efficient way.

In 2022, Dongguk University's International Language Institute begins an “online Korean language course” by developing its accumulated offline education know-how one step further. Now, people around the world are able to conveniently experience the excellent Korean language and culture education contents provided by the Dongguk University International Language Institute online anytime, anywhere. The Dongguk University International Language Institute will make its best effort so that more people around the world can easily learn Korean and experience the joy of communicating in Korean.

School Features


You will be able to receive the same official certificate for completing the course if you meet their high standards.


This online course is designed to maximize all the benefits of the offline curriculum.


Learn both langue and important social cues with lessons focused around Korean culture.


Officially certified teachers with experiences bringing the course right into your home.


The online course is full of lessons and materials to help you study Korean, from video lessons to grammar slides, to homework worksheets, and more. All the material is designed to help you learn quickly and effectively.


Learn new sentences, and test your speaking by uploading your own video to our platform.


Interact with other students, course leaders, and the teachers via the online community.


Talk Talk Talk Korean Level 1
Talk Talk Talk Korean Level 1

Learn useful everyday conversational phrases and study Korean culture lessons to teach you basic Korean fast!

Part one and Part 2 both consist of 16 days lessons, one lesson is released each workday until all content is available. Each lesson consists of 3 VODs, 1: Korean Culture, 2: Lecture (Expressions and grammar), 3: Practice quiz

Course Length

Talk Talk Talk Korean (Part 1 )

16 lessons

Talk Talk Talk Korean (Part 2 )

16 lessons


Part 1
₩350,000 in total
Part 2
₩350,000 in total
Part 1 and Part 2 bundle
₩660,000 in total

Note: You will be asked to pay the tuition in USD.