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Winterful Korea

Applications for Winter Course 2016 now closed. Join the waiting list for 2017.

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Escape the winter blues this season in Korea. Experience a magical winter season filled with new and exciting activities. Learn Korean from passionate teachers, then keep warm with a wealth of fun experiences. Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons in Korea; even if you’re not a fan of the holiday season, there are breathtaking sights and warm, friendly people that make Korea one of the go-to destinations this winter!

  • Go! Go! Hanguk prepared the best spots to explore in Korea during your short visit.
  • Enjoy many seasonal foods and activities such as hotteok, skating, and sledding.  
  • Study Korean at Lexis Korea located in one of Seoul’s hottest shopping and entertainment areas.
  • Meet people from all over the world as well as connect with local Koreans!
  • You don't have to worry about looking for a place to stay, accommodations are included.


Accommodation - Mini Studio
Accommodation - Mini Studio

Your course fee already includes the price of your accommodations! You'll be placed in a mini-studio nearby the school, which is convenient and has no extra fees. The mini-studios are cheap and cozy, perfect for living alone.

School - Lexis Korea
School - Lexis Korea

Lexis Korea is located in the center of famous Gangnam. It is a place where you can experience a different side to Korea by being in one of Asia's most famous shopping and entertainment areas. From a high-quality education in the morning time to fun times in downtown Gangnam later in the day, you’re guaranteed a wealth of experience!

cultural activities


Gyeongbok Palace
Skating in front of Cityhall
Korean Table D'hote
International Event
Trick Eye Museum
Korean tea at Insadong
SM Town Tour
Cable Car To N-Seoul Tower
Kimchi Making & Hanbok Try-out

Great Taekwondo

Snow Sledding & Water Park

Total Cost


You can choose between three different plans. The Bronze Plan focuses on studying, with just a few activities included. The Silver Plan includes extra activities for more fun. Where as selecting the Gold Plan will give you the complete experience of living and studying in Korea: on the Gold Plan you will be able to participate in all the activities, have lots of chances to meet Korean people and make new friends.


Please note: All Plans include application fee, school lessons and accommodation.

How can I see the total price for the course?

Click the 'Book Now' button at the top of the page and you will be taken to the information page. There, you will be able to select the options you're interested in and view the total price of the trip before you book.

I have a notable disability, can I still join the course and activities?

This depends on your disability and situation. Please note that Go! Go! Hanguk is unable to provide any special assistance; if you have a movement-hindering disability, it may, unfortunately, mean it may not be possible to join due to the fact that many of the activities require walking and getting around without special transportation. Please consult with us before you make a booking. In cases of sudden injury or disability, our standard cancellation policy applies.

What are the payment options?

We accept booking payments both by international bank transfer, or with debit/credit card through PayPal.

What about insurance?

You will be responsible for obtaining travel insurance that covers hospital costs in case of injury or sickness.

Do I need a tourist visa?

For students whose country is on the MOFA list, you don't need to apply for a visa before you come to Korea. You will be able to get a tourist visa on arrival at the airport.

What happens after Ive arrived at the airport?

If you have selected the Gold Plan, your work is already done! Go! Go! Hanguk will arrange for somebody to pick you up at either Incheon or Gimpo airport! If not, you don't have to worry either! Public transportation in Korea is both easy and fast. We will send you all the necessary details on how to get from the airport to your accommodation of choice. 

My country is not on the MOFA list, can you help me apply for a tourist visa?

Unfortunately, we cannot assist students in applying for such visas.

Are there any other housing options?

Of course! We recommend a mini studio due to the price, location, and the ability to stay with other students, but we understand that you may want to stay in a different type of housing.

For example, another option for housing is hotel rooms. This is recommended for students who want more room and higher quality housing. For an authentic Korean experience, a home stay with a Korean family is highly recommended, so you can get even more Korean practice in. To see how much all of these options might cost, check our booking page.

What happens in the first few days of Week 1?

On the 8 of January, all students can check-in to the accomodation. Placement tests and orientation will be scheduled for the following day, the 9th of January.

How does the actual getting to Korea part work?

As each student has different needs and preferences for traveling, Go! Go! Hanguk gives the student full flexibility in choosing their preferred method of arriving in Korea. You will be able to freely choose your city of departure, time of arrival, airline, etc. Note that airfare is not included in the course. Once you arrive, the course and all activities are all arranged and prepared by us. 

When is the best time for arrival?

We recommend you arrive a few days in advance; you may want a few days to explore or orient yourself, get used to jet lag, or any number of reasons. However, keep in mind that you will only be able to check in to your prepared accommodation on the 8th. If you are arriving earlier than your check in date, you are responsible for your own accommodations until the move-in date. If you require, we would be more than happy to suggest a hotel or hostel. 

If you are arriving on the 8th (move-in day), your flight must arrive at or before 2pm. You will only be permitted to check in until 5pm; if you will be later than that, you are responsible for accommodations that night, and must head directly to school on the 9th for check-in and orientation.

When can I move into the accommodation?

The scheduled move-in day is January 8th from 10am to 5pm. The cutoff time is 5pm, so please make sure not to be late! Go! Go! Hanguk will arrange a pick-up from Gangnam. The move-out dates are scheduled for the Friday of the third week. Students can move out earlier (for example on Thursday) if you choose, but if an activity is scheduled on Friday it will not be refunded. No activities will be scheduled on the last day of the course.

Can I stay longer at the accommodation?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The cheap price and the student's spot in the accommodation is only available during the course. In the case of students wanting to arrive earlier or leave later, we can recommend a hotel for you. For homestays and private rooms, it's possible to stay longer.

How does the pickup service work? (Only for Gold plan students)

We have a pick up service for Incheon and Gimpo airport if you arrive between 9am to 4pm. If your flight arrives after 4pm, unfortunately, we will not be able to offer the service. At the airport, Go! Go! Hanguk staff will be waiting with a red signboard with the Go! Go! Hanguk logo on it. Our staff will take you to the accommodation of your choice via public transportation, the costs of which are all included in the fee.

Is there an age limit for joining the course?

All students who wish to attend the summer course must be 18 years of age or older.

Is transportation included in the activities?

Students are responsible for transportation costs from the dorm/school area to the activity. For some of the activities, where we arrange transportation, the price is included in the course fee. However, the cost for daily transportation is very minimal.

Im a parent and Im worried about my son/daughter.

Some of the cultural activities during the course may involve entering establishments that serve alcoholic beverages, albeit in a safe environment. The legal drinking age in Korea is 19, and Go! Go! Hanguk will not allow underage students to drink alcohol during any of our events. Although Korea is one of the safest countries in the world, we understand that you may still be worried - in this case, we recommend you sign them up for the host family accommodation option, where they will be able to receive support from a Korean family during their stay. Note that while we provide a safe environment for students during the study trip, we cannot control what your child does and are not liable for their actions.

The tours, are they narrated?

Our guided tours are laid back and casual; they do not include narration. However, as we do have Korean natives that come along on our activities, students will be able to mingle and make friends while exploring Korea.