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Life in Korea
Last updated: March 2024. If you have decided to live and study in Korea for a medium to long term, you will certainly need a comfortable place. There are various options: university dormitory, goshiwon, Korean...
Life in Korea
Latest updated: March 2024. A key part of your study trip to Korea will be the choice of accommodation. There are various options of student accommodation in Korea. Many of these can be expensive, especially...
Life in Korea
Latest updated: March 2024. If you are enrolled in a Korean language course and looking for accommodation in Korea, one of the cheapest and most straightforward solutions is the goshiwon. Also known as a mini-studio,...
Life in Korea
Last updated on February 2024. Are you thinking of living and studying in Korea, but have no idea about how much it would cost? In this article, you will find information about prices for accommodation,...
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