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Hangul Quest by Go! Go! Hanguk

Master the Korean Alphabet with Hangul Quest: Your first step to Korean Language Fluency

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Master the Korean Alphabet with Hangul Quest

Starting to learn a new language can seem like an overwhelming task. There’s a lot to learn, and you don’t always know the best way to start. It becomes even more difficult with a language with an almost completely different character set to anywhere else in the world.

That’s why we created the Hangul Quest app – to provide learners with a fun and interactive tool to study the Korean Alphabet. Hangul Quest features interactive learning methods and engaging lessons to ensure that you master the essential foundations of Hangul with ease and confidence.

The structure of Hangul

Understand the underlying principles that form the basis of Hangul.

Romanization of Hangul

Learn how Hangul is transliterated into the Roman alphabet for easier pronunciation.

40 Hangul characters

Master each of the 40 characters of Hangul through engaging stories and mnemonics.

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Download now

Download Hangul Quest today and get ready to start your journey toward Korean fluency!

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This app was created by Go! Go! Hanguk, a study abroad agency that has helped more than 1,900 students fulfil their dream of studying in Korea since 2016.


Check the FAQ page to find answers for frequently asked questions about the Hangul Quest application.