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Learn Korean with Go! Go! Hanguk’s online Korean courses wherever you are. We also partner with the best Korean Universities to offer specialized online courses directly from Korea to students all over the world!

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Our online courses are the perfect option for people who can’t study in Korea, but who still wish to learn the language. They’re also great for those who want to prepare by learning the basics before they begin at a language school in Korea, as they can allow you to start at a higher level once you arrive to start your in person studies!

Online learning

You don’t need much – only need a stable internet connection, your computer or mobile device, and a willingness to learn! Learn Korean through a mix of videos, audio recordings, worksheets, and tests.

Official Certificate

You can get an official school certificate after passing the final exam. It will allow you to start from the next level in Korea without having to take a placement test.

Community Support

Even though you’re learning online, you’re never alone. Connect with our online community, where you can engage with others taking the same course and ask questions whenever you have them.

Online Courses

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Our Hanyang University International Education Institute Level 1 & 2 bundle saves you $100 compared to buying Part 1 and Part 2 separately. It covers all the materials for TOPIK Level 1 & 2 and once successfully completes you can receive an official certificate from Hanyang University.
This course is in English
Created with Hanyang University’s International Education Institute, this Level 2 online beginner Korean course is composed of vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening and more. It is designed to help you to continue your Korean journey!
This course is in English
This Online Beginner Korean course, created with Hanyang University’s International Education Institute, is based on Hanyang Korean 1, their elementary Korean textbook. Each unit has vocabulary, grammar, dialogue, speaking, listening and more!
This course is in English
Save $40 when you purchase Talk Talk Talk Korean Part 1 & 2 as a bundle! Complete both parts to receive an official level 1 certificate from Dongguk University which allows you to jump straight to level 2 when you study in person at Dongguk University.
This course is in English
Continue your Korean journey with Dongguk University’s Beginner Korean course – Talk Talk Talk Korean Part 2. Build on the lessons from part 1 and quickly improve your Korean skills. The Video-on-demand content mean you can study wherever you are!
This course is in English
Learn Korean with Dongguk University’s Beginner Korean course – Talk Talk Talk Korean Part 1. This course teaches useful everyday conversations and Korean culture lessons! The lessons are provided in a video-on-demand (VOD) style. You can watch them whenever and wherever you want!
This course is in English


Want to get ahead of learning the Korean alphabet? Check out our app!

Learning a language becomes even more difficult with a set of completely different alphabet characters to anywhere else in the world. That’s why we created the Hangul Quest app – to provide learners with a fun and interactive tool to study the Korean Alphabet!

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