Studies in Korea are CSN-eligible

Do you also wonder how to apply for study funding at CSN for your language studies in Korea? You can take student loans and grants for living expenses but also an extra loan to cover the entire tuition fee, insurance and air ticket. After your school application is approved, we will help you prepare the documents you need from your school, and tell you how to do the CSN application. You can read more about this and figure out exactly how much money you can get here on CSN’s website.


Good to have in mind

-As long as the school approves your application, you can study Korean in Korea without having a complete final grade from high school. However, it’s important to be aware that most schools do have minimum requirements in place for people applying to their schools depending on their visa type. For instance, you typically cannot apply for a student visa without a high school diploma, however, some schools will accept applications with a Working Holiday visa without a school diploma. Please contact us to understand the best option for your situation.

– All language studies are now classified as high school studies, ie. At the same level as e.g. Komvux in Sweden. This also means that the studies are limited to a total of 80 or 120 weeks depending on one’s study background. If you have previously studied with the help of study funding from CSN, we recommend that you contact them to see how many weeks study funding you have left.

– If the studies do not lead to a degree, you must have reached the age of 20 to receive study funding from CSN. This is counted from the beginning of CSN’s calendar year, which falls week 27 each year (ie the beginning of July).

– Study funding for study abroad is paid monthly, just as when you take study funding in Sweden. On the other hand, it is possible to get a lump sum at the beginning for the tuition fee and other costs that you have when you start studying in another country.

Application and payment

Important to know before applying

– You have to study for at least 13 weeks in order to receive study funding. This means that you cannot receive study funding for a shorter course on eg. 3 months.

– CSN takes about 2-3 weeks to go through your application. If the application is not complete and they need to ask for extra information, it will take another 2-3 weeks. Therefore, make your application well in advance.

– Since you get your payment from CSN about 2-3 weeks before the start of the study, it is a good idea to save money for air ticket, accommodation, etc. already. It will easily be stressful if you try to book and pay all the last minute and it can also be a hassle with your study start.

– Please ensure that you have completed your previous courses and that the result has been reported to CSN before starting your application. It is also possible to make study breaks to plug Korean in Korea.


Search for a school

Search for a language school, vocational college or a university in Korea and wait for you to be accepted-all our partners meet all the requirements for CSN study support for Swedish students.

Complete important attachments

For studies at a language school, the CSN form 5509W and a letter will be submitted. For higher education: Ask your contact person. Then we send it to school to fill in the rest.

Submit application online

Fill in the application yourself on CSN’s website under “My Pages”. Don’t forget to attach completed forms and other documents you received from your future school.


After a few weeks you will make a decision on your application from CSN. You may need to supplement, so it is important to be out in good time. If it is granted, it is time to fill in your bank account information.


When it is one month left for study start, it becomes possible to submit the study assurance under my pages on CSN. Two or three weeks before the start comes the first payout and then it is time to pay the school’s semester fee!

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