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Hangul Quest – Frequently Asked Questions

I reset my data/reinstalled the app/changed device and it’s asking me to repurchase the course!

1. First, close the app completely.
2. Make sure you are connected to the internet and logged into the Google Play Store/Apple App Store account with which you made the original purchase.
3. Restart the app.
4. Open the Menu (accessed via the button in the top right).
5. Tap the Restore Purchases button.

You should receive a message confirming that your purchase was restored and you can now continue the course.

I can’t hear the voice clips when I press the play buttons

There is no volume or mute settings within the app itself. If you are not hearing the voice clips when pressing the play buttons, there is most likely a setting on your device that is causing the issue. Please try turning up the volume to maximum, making sure any silent/do not disturb modes are switched off, and finally try power-cycling your device and reopening the app if all else fails.

If I delete and reinstall the app will I be able to continue where I left off?

If you delete the app, you will lose all your save data and progress. However, you won’t have to repurchase the course (see above). Please think carefully before deleting the app.

Can I chance device and continue the course where I left off?

This will require the data to be migrated from your old device manually, such as restoring from a backup of your old device in the case of iOS. Please consult the documentation for your particular device and operating system. Please note, even if you are unable to keep your progress you will not have to repurchase the course (see above).

I’m having trouble drawing character x / it’s too easy to draw character y

As everyone has different expectations and wishes for the ease of character recognition we tried to strike a balance that would satisfy most users while making sure you learned how to draw each character correctly.

If you are having trouble, please make sure you are drawing each stroke in the correct size and order, and when you change direction with your finger, try to avoid looping back over your line if the guide doesn’t show you to do that.

I’ve seen the character x written differently

You are not mistaken! As with any language, depending on the font/handwriting, sometimes characters will appear a little different. Rest assured you are being taught the official method but it’s good to be aware of the differences!

I completed the course, what shall I do next?

If you want to keep learning, why not check out the other online courses from Go! Go! Hanguk here.


If you can’t find the answer to your question in our FAQs or wish to leave feedback, please fill out our contact form to get in touch with the developers.

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