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Sejong University

Winter 2023 Application Deadline - November 3, 2023

NOTE: The deadlines represent the time that all application documents must be completed with the tuition paid in full.

Sejong university

Study Korean at Sejong University. Founded in 2008, the Center for International Education (CIE) at Sejong University inherits the spirit of King Sejong, the inventor of Hangul - the Korean alphabet.

Seeking to provide quality education to international students all over the world, CIE has a pool of full-time instructors who have years of experience teaching Korean.

As a student's experience in Korea is only complete when one gets to experience its culture, CIE also provides additional cultural experiences outside of teaching language education. Experiences include K-POP clubs, language exchanges with Korean students, and more.

With the combination of quality education and various cultural experiences, the CIE of Sejong University aims to help students truly experience Korea, and ultimately find their values and visions through their time in Korea. This is shown in the CIE's slogan: "Shape Your Dream!"

Study Korean - Sejong University

Medium intensity means the school gives you a perfect balance between study pace and free time. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy your life in Korea, while still being able to effectively progress your studies.

School Features

Global mentoring system

Sejong University provides a mentoring system where international students are matched together with Korean students. They will spend time getting to know the subtle difference of life in Korea and what university students in Korea do during their time off.

After-school TOPIK preparation classes

If you are in Level 2 to 5, you will be able to attend extra TOPIK preparation classes that prepares you for TOPIK Level 3.

Counseling services

For students interested in degree programs, the CIE of Sejong University provides sessions that help students write their study plans, introductory letters, etc.

After school activities

(Optional) Students can choose to participate in after school club activities like the K-pop Dance Club.

Student dorm

Sejong University provides on-campus dormitories for freshmen entering Korea to minimize their burdens of having to look for accommodations when they first arrive.

Two cultural activities per term

The school will offer two Korean culture-related afterschool activities per term.

Designated building

With a designated building for the Korean Language Program, students can find their classes easily and receive assistance ASAP.

Small class size

Each class will have 10-15 international students from all around the world.

Open for all levels

With a 6-level curriculum, the Korean Language Program welcomes all students with varying levels of Korean language proficiency.


The staff are professionals who will be able to assist you with any issues you may have during your studies.


Need Internet to look up vocabulary you can’t remember, or to text the friend you just met in class? Use the free wifi available at school!

School Location

Children's Grand Park

Sejong University is located at Children's Grand Park station (어린이대공원역), Seoul, Korea.

This station provides great access to all areas of Seoul, including the metropolitan areas of Gangnam (30 minutes), the bustling areas of Hongdae (40 minutes), and more traditional areas like Gyeongbokgung (30 minutes). Students can enjoy all four seasons of Korea by visiting Children's Grand Park in front of the university.

With a unique environment in the heart of Seoul and easy accessibility to everything it has to offer, studying Korean at Sejong University provides a wonderful experience for students who want to enjoy their time studying in Korea.

Distance to subway stations
Walking Time
Children's Grand Park Station (Sejong Univ.) (3 min)
Line 7
Regular Korean Language Program
Regular Korean Language Program

Sejong University's Korean Language Program provides a total of 4 terms per year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter). Each term consists of 4 hours of Korean Language education per day, 5 times a week, for 10 weeks. This results in a 10-week course where students learn 200 hours of Korean per term.

Course Length

Without Student Visa (D-4)

3 months

With Student Visa (D-4)

6 - 24 months

Available Term starts each Year
  • March
  • June
  • September
  • December



Morning Class





Afternoon Class




Course hours per week:


Course Curriculum


Course End

Level 1

• Read and write the Korean alphabet
• Learn the basic phonetics for Korean
• Learn the basic structure of Korean sentences
• Practice basic Korean speaking and listening


3 months
₩1,750,000 in total
6 months
₩3,400,000 in total
9 months
₩5,050,000 in total
12 months
₩6,700,000 in total
18 months
₩10,000,000 in total
24 months
₩13,300,000 in total

Note: Textbook - About 100,000 KRW per term
Please contact your coordinator for more information regarding dormitories.

Tuition discounts/scholarship Tuition discounts/scholarship