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Sejong University

Study Korean at Sejong University, home to the Center for International Education (CIE) inspired by King Sejong, the creator of Hangul – the Korean alphabet. CIE boasts experienced instructors and offers cultural immersion beyond language education, including K-POP clubs and language exchanges. Experience Korea fully and shape your dream at Sejong University’s CIE.

Tuition rates start from

KRW 1,750,000


*NOTE: The deadlines represent the time that all application documents must be completed with the tuition paid in full.

Sejong University

School Features


Sejong University provides a mentoring system where international students are matched together with Korean students. They will spend time getting to know the subtle differences of life in Korea and what university students in Korea do during their time off.


If you are in Level 2 to 5, you will be able to attend extra TOPIK preparation classes that prepare you for TOPIK Level 3.


(Optional) Students can choose to participate in after-school club activities like the K-pop Dance Club. The school will also offer two Korean culture-related after-school activities per term.


For students interested in degree programs, the CIE of Sejong University provides sessions that help students write their study plans, introductory letters, etc.


One of the best parts of being a student is the student dorm – the school operates dormitories which are all close to the school, making them one of the cheapest and most convenient options for student housing.


With a 6-level curriculum, the Korean Language Program welcomes all students with varying levels of Korean language proficiency.


The staff are professionals who will be able to assist you with any issues you may have during your studies.

Sejong University

Children's Grand Park

Sejong University is located at Children’s Grand Park Station (어린이대공원역), Seoul, Korea.

This station provides great access to all areas of Seoul, including the metropolitan areas of Gangnam (30 minutes), the bustling areas of Hongdae (40 minutes), and more traditional areas like Gyeongbokgung (30 minutes). Students can enjoy all four seasons of Korea by visiting Children’s Grand Park in front of the university.

With a unique environment in the heart of Seoul and easy accessibility to everything it has to offer, studying Korean at Sejong University provides a wonderful experience for students who want to enjoy their time studying in Korea.

Children’s Grand Park Station (Sejong Univ.) (3 min)

Line 7

Sejong University

Our Courses



Sejong University’s Korean Language Program provides a total of 4 terms per year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter). Each term consists of 4 hours of Korean Language education per day, 5 times a week, for 10 weeks. This results in a 10-week course where students learn 200 hours of Korean per term.

Course length

Without a student visa: 3 months

With a student visa: 6 – 24 months

Available starts every year

  • March
  • June
  • September
  • December

Schedule (weekdays)

Morning Classes: 09:00 – 13:00

Afternoon Classes: 13:40 – 17:40

*class times are chosen by the school based on Korean language proficiency

School intensity

Medium intensity means the school gives you a perfect balance between study pace and free time. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy your life in Korea, while still being able to effectively progress your studies.

Visa sponsorship

Students are offered visa sponsorship if they study 6 months or more.

3 months

KRW 1,750,000 in total

6 months

KRW 3,400,000 in total

9 months

KRW 5,050,000 in total

12 months

KRW 6,700,000 in total

18 months

KRW 10,000,000 in total

24 months

KRW 13,300,000 in total

Students have the flexibility to choose the duration of their study.


Total course costs

The total costs include the application fee (KRW 100,000) and the tuition. The application fee is not refundable.

  • Textbook: Around KRW 100,000 per term
  • School health insurance (Mandatory): Included in the tuition.
  • Please contact your coordinator for more information about the dormitory or fee structure.


Term breakdown


• Read and write the Korean alphabet.
• Learn the basic phonetics of Korean.
• Learn the basic structure of Korean sentences.
• Practice basic Korean speaking and listening.


• Practice more advanced expressions through a bigger base of vocabulary.
• Learn the structures of various types of Korean sentences (short~medium length).
• Learn honorifics.
• Learn basic communication skills.


• Precise pronunciations in Korean.
• Able to express one’s feelings/emotions felt during everyday life.
• Able to naturally communicate with Koreans based on a deeper understanding of Korea.


• Conduct a fluent conversation on everyday topics.
• Learn idioms, expressions, proverbs, and their Chinese characters.
• Achieve a level of Korean fit for academic learning and working.


• Debate about social issues in Korean.
• Write reports to degree program standards.
• Possess an in-depth understanding of Korean culture.


• Pronunciation becomes similar to that of a Korean
• Learn various vocabulary and debate methods through classes in seminar formats.
• Look up and create Internet content in Korean.
• Create a report for various types of written content.

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sejong University

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