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South Korea’s dynamic capital seamlessly blends the contemporary with tradition. You’ll explore modern skyscrapers, high-tech subways, and vibrant pop culture, all set against a backdrop of serene Buddhist temples, historic palaces, and bustling street markets. Dive into the future at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, step back in time at Gyeongbokgung Palace, and find inner peace at Jogyesa Temple. Learning Korean here offers a unique blend of old and new, making it a thrilling linguistic journey.

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Kyunghee University

Explore language and culture at Kyunghee University, Seoul. Since 1997, the Institute of International Education has been offering top-notch Korean language and culture courses to 6,000 students from 100+ countries, aligning with Kyunghee's vision to "create a cultural world".
Cultural activities

Sejong University

Study Korean at Sejong University's Center for International Education (CIE). Immerse yourself in language and culture, including K-POP clubs and exchanges, and shape your dream in Korea!
Global mentoring program

Hanyang University

Study Korean in Korea - Hanyang University offers the best Korean class in Seoul, Korea. A dormitory in Korea is also provided.
Meeting with senior students from your country

Dongguk University

Dongguk University offers six levels, fostering comprehensive language skills and engaging cultural activities, that allow students to fully immerse themselves in Korean language and culture.
Interact with Korean students

Konkuk University

Konkuk University's Korean Language Institute has a strong reputation for its long-term language courses and mentorship program.
International student mentoring program

Lexis Korea – Seoul Campus

Lexis offers a diverse environment for language learning. Our conversational classes prioritize practical skills over grammar, utilizing varied materials to enhance engagement.
Interact with Korean students


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Korea has some of the best universities in the world. Want to take your career opportunities to a new level? Graduating with a degree from Korea opens the doors to many job opportunities in Korea and beyond.

If you are serious about learning Korean and living in Korea, it’s never too early to start learning the language. Online Korean courses are a great way to start building the foundations of your Korean knowledge.

The Process

From first contact to arriving in Korea

Founded by language students for language students, Go! Go! Hanguk supports your application to study in Korea every step of the way. From choosing the right school for you, to helping you settle into your new life in Korea, you can rely on us for support and guidance.

Up to 3 months before
• Start researching your options - city, duration, visa, school
• Contact us with any questions and to start your application
• Pay the school application fee to reserve your spot
3 - 2 months before
• Send your application documents
• Pay the tuition fee to your chosen school
2 months before
• Receive your COA (Certificate of Admission)
• Book your flight ticket
• Submit your COA to your Korean embassy to get your Korea student visa
2 - 1 months before
• Get your Korean student visa
• Review your Korean
1 month before
• Book your accommodation
• Purchase your SIM card and book your Welcome package
• Pack for Korea!
Arrive in Korea
• Get settled in your accommodation and register your residence at the immigration office.
• Start school

Online courses

You may be interested in our online courses

Our Hanyang University International Education Institute Level 1 & 2 bundle saves you $100 compared to buying Part 1 and Part 2 separately. It covers all the materials for TOPIK Level 1 & 2 and once successfully completes you can receive an official certificate from Hanyang University.
This course is in English
Created with Hanyang University’s International Education Institute, this Level 2 online beginner Korean course is composed of vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening and more. It is designed to help you to continue your Korean journey!
This course is in English


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Go! Go! Hanguk has proudly helped thousands of people from around the world fulfill their dreams of living in Korea by helping them with one of the most important skills: learning the language. Whether you want to study in Korea for two years, or two weeks, we can help with school selection, renting accommodation, and settling into your life in Korea. Can’t make it to Korea yet, or want to get a head start? We offer online courses created in partnership with language schools in Korea so you can start studying wherever you are.

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