Go! Go! Hanguk offers free support to help you apply for a Korean language course in Korea. Our service is available in Italian, English and Spanish, which means you can contact us in those languages and we will be able to give you all the information and help you need. We will help you with the application process to study in Korea, from the very start until your arrival in Korea.

Read on to learn more about why you should use Go! Go! Hanguk to study in Korea.

Go! Go! World

Go! Go! Hanguk is part of a group called Go! Go! World and it’s the second of Go! Go! World’s brands for studying abroad. The company was formed in 2009 with Go! Go! Nihon, which helps students study in Japan.

The Go! Go! Hanguk service was born in 2016 from an idea of Go! Go! World’s founder, Davide Rossi. Our goal is to offer support not only to students that want to go to Japan, but to others who want to know more about the Korean language and culture.

If you want to study in Korea for a short time and also enjoy a complete cultural experience, you can join Studytrip.com, Go! Go! World’s short study holidays program. With Studytrip.com you have the opportunity to attend a Korean course from 2 to 4 weeks, at various times of the year, participating in various activities related to K-pop culture and music with students from all over the world.

In addition to these services, Go! Go! World also offers Spanish courses in Spain, with Go! Go! España, which is very popular among Korean students who want to study in Spain.

How Go! Go! Hanguk can help you to study in Korea?

Go! Go! Hanguk helps students step-by-step to study in Korea. Here’s what we can do for you.

  • You can communicate with our staff by asking questions about language courses, different universities, the student visa for Korea, and so on. This is much easier than you contacting the school yourself as they may not be able to speak the same language as you!
  • Our staff have been language students abroad and know the difficulties of moving to a foreign country without yet knowing the language. We are experts in this field and most importantly, our office is located in Seoul, which gives us easy access to the most updated information on Korea.
  • As mentioned, we are located in Seoul and can offer direct help to students once in Korea, in case of communication difficulties with the school or other Korean institutions. Students can meet our staff personally upon their arrival in Korea and during the orientation for new students and ask us all their questions in person.
  • By contacting us for the enrollment procedures you will not pay anything more than you would by contacting the school directly. The difference is that you will be able to receive information quickly and we can liaise with the school for you, which will make the whole procedure easier and faster.

What other services does Go! Go! Hanguk offer?

We understand that by moving to Korea alone there can be a thousand doubts and worries. For this reason we have decided to organize an orientation event at the beginning of each term, in which we personally meet students from Seoul, Busan and Daegu. We explain the most important things to do in the first few days, from a bureaucratic point of view, giving several useful tips for life in Korea.

In addition to orientation, we organize a dinner or a meet-up event, depending on the city and the time of year. In this way we try to facilitate the meeting of foreign students of language courses with Korean locals, as well as help make them feel at home and welcomed.

We help with accommodation. Korean accommodation services in English are still few and far between, so we collaborate with some selected real estate agencies to give you the best options. We offer affordable accommodations for a student budget, with options including university dormitories, mini studios (goshiwon), share houses and homestays. For detailed information you can consult the accommodation page on our website or contact us by email.

Last but not least is the support service in Korea. If you have problems with the house, if you want to extend the enrollment period at school but cannot communicate in Korean with the staff, or if you have other difficulties for which you do not know who to ask for help, you can count on our staff in Korea. We are here to help you!

If you have any other questions about living and studying in Korea, or want to apply for a study visa, contact us by email and we will provide you with all the information as soon as possible. Go! Go! Hanguk is here to make your dream of studying in Korea come true.

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