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Life in Korea
Whether it’s the songs and the dancing, the music videos and concerts, or the idols themselves, it’s fair to say that K-pop fever is easy to catch. As well as the great entertainment value though,...
Korean cuisine has many famous “combinations” of food and drinks that just go together – fried chicken and beer, soju (소주) and samgyunsal(삼겹살) or gamjatang(감자탕). One of the best is pajeon (파전) and makgeolli (막걸리)....
Korean Culture
South Korea has a burgeoning and highly successful drama industry. However, for those looking for versatility there are some that have the most unique plotlines and deserve to be watched. Here is a list of...
Korean Culture
While Korea has a booming pop music industry, it does not lack in indie bands either. Though much lesser in number than pop groups, Korean indie bands add more variety to the Korean music landscape...
Korean Culture
Can you name a popular Korean song? K-pop and Korean music is huge right now. You must have heard of it! Not only in Korea but people worldwide are falling to the charms of the...
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