Summer is here and the desire to travel is on the rise. Beaches and places to enjoy water activities have always been the most popular destinations. Are you curious about the most popular summer destinations in Korea? Then keep reading this article and find out!

Jeju Island

Jeju Island offers beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea, making it a popular summer destination. However, it is not only the beauty of the location that attracts visitors, but also the opportunity to enjoy water sports, especially surfing. The most famous and popular beaches are:

  • Hyeopjae (협재해수욕장) and Geumneung Euddeum (금능으뜸해변) – located on the west coast of the island
  • Jungmun (중문해수욕장 – located in the southern part and characterized by very high waves suitable for surfing
  • Ihotewoo (이호테우해변) – located near the capital Jeju-si
  • Hamdeok (함덕해수욕장) – on the north coast, popular with young people and easy to reach by public transportation.


Another popular seaside destination is the northeastern coast of South Korea, particularly the resort of Gangneung. Here, the beaches are white and very long, and the sea is clean and crystal clear. The air on this side of Korea is also cleaner and less polluted than on the west coast – many people go there for this reason. Also, from Donghae (the town just past Gangneung), it is possible to take a ferry to Ulleung Island. The island is splendid by itself but it is also the only place from which one can reach Dokdo Island, famous for being the subject of a dispute between Korea and Japan.

Haeundae, una della destinazioni estive in Corea più popolari


Busan is not only the second largest metropolitan city in Korea, but it is also a popular coastal city for its beaches and recreational activities. It is especially famous for Heungdae Beach, which is very long and has fine sand, making it perfect for the annual sand sculpture festival held there. The second most famous beach in Busan is undoubtedly Gwangalli, from which you can admire the Diamond Bridge, a suspension bridge over the sea. Here, not only can you swim, but you can also surf and stand-up paddle.


Boryeong is a seaside resort located on the west coast of Korea. In addition to being known for its beaches, it is visited mostly in July for the annual Boryeong Mud Festival. Each year mud pools are set up in this town, and people can dive into them for fun or to take part in competitions.


Another popular summer destination, especially for couples on a romantic getaway, is the southeastern city of Pohang. The most touristy part of the city is concentrated in the area along Songdo Beach (송도해수욱장). This beach is the only other place besides Donghae from which you can take the ferry to Ulleung Island. Despite this, we still recommend reaching Ulleung from Donghae as it is much closer – instead enjoy what Pohang has to offer when you are here.

Il fiume Han, una delle destinazioni estive in Corea per fare windsurf

Other summer destinations in Korea for water sports

In addition to the beaches already mentioned, there are many other destinations in Korea beloved for water sports. In the city for example, there is the Han River which runs through Seoul, where you can enjoy windsurfing, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding during the summer season.

If, on the other hand, it is rafting you are interested in, popular destinations are the Dong River in Yeongwol, the Naerincheon River in Inje, and the Hantan River in Cheorwon, all of which are easily accessible from Seoul and very popular especially on summer weekends.

We hope this article on summer destinations in Korea has made you want to visit the country in the summer as well! 

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