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Language School FAQ

Is there a minimum age for the Korean language course?

We have a Youth Korea study trip for those ages 14-17 years old. All other courses are for those 18 years old or older.

Will I be taught in Korean for the Korean language course?

Starting with the beginning levels, you will be taught in Korean only during the Korean language course. This provides an intensive and immersive environment for fast learning!

What is included in the Korean language course costs?

Only the Korean language course tuition is included. Housing, flights, and other costs of living in Korea are separate.

Do I need a visa to study the Korean language course?

If you study longer than 90 days for most nationalities, then yes you do. We can help you with the visa!

The language school is sponsoring my student visa, why do I have to provide a bank statement to apply to the Korean language course?

The language school needs to prove to Korean immigration that you can support yourself financially while you study.

Do I need to be a current student to study Korean in Korea?

No! You can study Korean regardless of if you are a student or not.

Do you provide scholarships or financial aid for the Korean language courses?

Some Korean language schools provide small discounts for things like perfect attendance during the term or being the top student in your class. Please be financially prepared when you decide to study Korean language in Korea.

When should I start the application process for the Korean language course?

We recommend starting the application process 6 months before you wish to start studying. The earlier the better!

How does the application process for the Korean language course work?

Below is the general process for applying for long-term study with a sponsored student visa.

  1. We send you the application and required documents by email.
  2. After you’ve filled in the forms and collected the required documents, please email everything to us.
  3. We check your forms and documents and request the application fee.
  4. After everything is checked and 100% OK, we send your application to the school.
  5. The school approves your application and issues you an invoice for the tuition.
  6. After paying tuition, the school will issue your letter of acceptance (you need this to get a visa from your local Korean embassy).
  7. Take the letter of acceptance to your nearest Korean embassy and apply for your student visa.
  8. Collect your student visa from the Embassy when it is ready.
  9.  Arrive in Korea!

When should I arrive in Korea?

We suggest arriving no earlier than 2 weeks prior to your school’s term start. If you arrive earlier, this could cause issues with your visa validity period. Don’t worry! Your student coordinator will communicate your school’s starting dates well in advance so you can prepare your travel arrangements.

Can I get college/university credits for the Korean language course?

It depends! Please discuss with your home institution regarding their credit requirements and let us know. Otherwise you can study for university credit at Hanyang University’s Visiting Program for full-time undergraduate students.

Is there a maximum age for the Korean language courses?

No! There is no maximum age!

How much is the general cost of living in Korea?

Full-time study in Korea costs about USD 10,000 for 6 months. This includes tuition, housing, and some living expenses. But if you’re thinking of studying for a longer or shorter period of time, please contact us and we can provide some further information!

Can I only apply to schools listed on your website?

Unfortunately yes. We cannot offer assistance in applying for language schools that we are not currently partnered with, as they each have their own process and regulations that we are unaware of.

Do you only help with long-term studies?

Of course not! We can assist you in applying for studies from 3 months, or even shorter with our specialized Study trips that range from 2 – 3 weeks. For more information on short-term stays, just ask!

Can I bring my pet with me to Korea?

Many accommodations do not allow pets and there are also quarantine rules for animals including dogs and cats. It would be challenging to bring a pet for a short period of time.

Can I choose if I get morning or afternoon classes?

Your school will determine your class schedule based on your current level of Korean.