Learning Korean in Seoul

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In today’s world, learning a new language is very accessible through online tools, apps, and even virtual tutors. However, learning a language in its actual country of origin is indisputably the most effective method of practicing and assimilating. While moving to another country can be daunting, learning Korean in Seoul is a great way to improve your skills!

learning Korean in Seoul

University-run program

It is extremely accessible to enroll in a structured, thorough, and professionally taught Korean language program as numerous universities offer them. Perks include the facilities, support, and an international community. Many of the universities also offer housing for international students.

Cultural assimilation

These programs provide students with skills that go beyond grammar and linguistic mastery. They seek to help students assimilate into Korean culture, discussing Korean food, mannerisms, and society. Beyond the classroom, most programs offer cultural activities like cooking classes, art classes, and even trips to historical sites.

learning Korean in Seoul

These Korean language programs attract many different people from all over the globe. With such a mixed group of students (also ranging from age 17 to mid-60s) these programs foster a community of friends who practice Korean and explore the peninsula with each other. Cultural assimilation is also possible for students through language exchange with native Korean students. These exchanges allow students to practice their Korean and explore various facets of South Korea with a deeper level of understanding and nuance.

learning Korean in Seoul

Living in Korea

As a country with a large community of foreigners (about 4% of the entire population), Korea offers many activities and groups that cater to non-Korean speakers or people with limited language abilities. However, constantly being surrounded by Korean speakers forces you to learn faster and practice your speaking. You can learn details that you would not otherwise get by learning Korean via an online tool in another country. Learning Korean in Seoul with zero or basic language abilities is more accessible now than ever before.

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Author: H.W. Nam

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