Being a Korean language student at Silla University

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Être étudiant en coréen à l'Université Silla

When choosing the right language course, it can be difficult to know which location is best for your needs. If you want to study in Busan, read this article about being a Korean language student at Silla University‘s area.

What to expect as a student at Silla University

Silla University is a private college located in Sasang-gu, Busan, founded in 1954. The university is known for its degree programs in engineering, business, medicine, and education. Additionally, Silla University is also known for its exceptional language courses and exchange programs, linking it with 175 universities in over 28 countries.

Did you know that as part of the course, students learn not only the Korean language but also Korean history through cultural experience classes? In these classes, students visit famous historical sites in and around the city and countryside of Busan.

To ensure that your experience as a student at Silla University will be unforgettable, the university creates a modern learning environment for all students. There is even an English-speaking café on site to help international students adjust to life in Busan. On top of that, only the ‘Global Town‘ dormitory is available for Korean language course students.

What’s more, each faculty building has its own facilities such as cafes, convenience stores and restaurants. So, there are many opportunities to fully embrace your student life at Silla University. For a complete list of campus facilities in English, see the official campus map under the “Convenient Facilities” tab.

Student at Silla University campus

Student life at Silla University’s surrounding areas

Busan | 부산

Busan is a vibrant city located on the southeastern tip of the Korean peninsula. It is the second largest city in Korea and has a rich history that makes it a perfect place for tourism and culture. Busan’s natural environment is something the city is famous for, offering perfect examples of mountains, rivers and coastlines.

Busan is Korea’s main seaside city, and its famous beaches like Haeundae and Gwangalli attract thousands of visitors every year. If you’re a student at Silla University, you must not miss Busan’s iconic coastline for a great year-round destination.

Busan is also known for being a very artistic city. For instance, at the Gamcheon Cultural Village, you can admire the beautiful colorful murals against the backdrop of the coast. The city also has four distinct seasons, so it’s never too warm or too cold to enjoy the city’s attractions.

Learn more about living in Busan in our blog article.

Gimhae  | 김해

Gimhae is a modern yet peaceful city located next to Busan. The city is home to many traditional markets which showcase the best traditional dishes available in Korea. In Gimhae, there is lots to do despite the city not being frequented by many tourists. There is the Lotte water park to enjoy, which has over 20 different water activities to take part in. This water park is a popular attraction close to the Lotte outlet store in downtown Gimhae.

To better enjoy your life as a language student at Silla University, Gimhae is worth travelling to in the springtime. Every April, Gimhae holds the Gaya festival that showcases the great music and culture this area has to offer.

Additionally, there is Gaya theme park (가야 랜드), that combines Gimhae’s history with fun theme park elements, hence it being a unique place to travel to with friends.

Silla University campus

Silla University’s nearby attractions

Nakdong River | 낙동강

The Nakdong River is the closest river to the Silla campus. There are many attractions for students along the river, including nature parks and water sports. On the Nakdong River, you can go camping, canoeing, and even try kayaking on the water. In general, the river is a place where you can easily spend an entire day, making it popular with students at Silla University for its variety of attractions.

On the opposite side of the river, you can visit the Maekdo Ecopark to see birds and plants unique to the area. Overall, this area is a great place for students to relax and participate in outdoor activities.

Closest subway station: Gwaebeob Renecite station Busan Gimhae Line, exit 1
(괘법 르네시떼역 부산김해 경전철 호선 1번출구).

Closest bus station: Gamjeondong-su Mun ap 15085 (15085 감전동수문앞).

Eulsukdo Island | 을숙도

What else can you expect as a student at Silla University? If you like exploring nature, the area of Eulsukdo Island is a good example of the preservation of the natural environment in Busan, as the island has many nature reserves.

Eulsukdo Island is not only a tourist attraction for nature but also has a great art gallery too. The Museum of Modern Art in Busan is unique as it presents artwork in different art halls that invite visitors to immerse themselves in the work. There are a variety of exhibition spaces for visitors here, making each visit to the gallery unique for students. The Eulsukdo Island also has a modern library and study halls that can be used by all students. Definitely a great location worth checking out!

Official website:

Closest subway station: Hadan station Line 1, exit 1 (하단역 1호선 1번출구).

Closest bus station: Busan Modern art gallery 10247,640648 (10247,640648 부산현대미술관).

Silla University campus

Why become a Korean language student at Silla University?

Silla University campus is beautifully located and provides students with the perfect environment to relax amidst breathtaking scenery. Furthermore, the university is an ideal study destination for students who want to learn Korean while experiencing city life by the sea for the first time. Additionally, the language course has a high satisfaction rate and a high pass rate on the TOPIK language test.

So how would you like to become a student at Silla University and study Korean in Busan? Contact us for information about Silla and how to get a D-4 student visa.

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