Master the Korean alphabet with our Hangul Quest app

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Impara l'alfabeto coreano con l'app Hangul Quest

Starting to learn a new language can seem like an overwhelming task. There’s a lot to learn, and you don’t always know the best way to start. In this article, we will give you some pointers on how to master the Korean alphabet with our Hangul Quest app.

Korean alphabet Hangul with the Hangul Quest app

The importance of learning the Korean Hangul alphabet

There are many good reasons to study the Korean language. Once you discover the right technique, you will surely succeed in learning this most fascinating language without too many problems. Hangul provides a logical and consistent system to represent the sounds of the Korean language. Its phonetic nature simplifies pronunciation and enhances your speaking skills, providing a strong foundation for effective communication.

At Go! Go! Hanguk, we have helped more than 1,900 students fulfill their dreams of studying in Korea since 2016. We know that understanding the basics of Hangul, the Korean alphabet, is crucial for a smooth transition into Korean life. 

If you master the Korean alphabet Hangul, doors will open to a vast array of resources for studying Korean. Once you can read Hangul, you gain access to textbooks, websites, and a wealth of online content specifically tailored for Korean learners. This exposure allows you to immerse yourself in the language, expedite your learning journey, and deepen your understanding of Korean culture more easily.

Read more on how our Hangul Quest app can help you master the Korean alphabet!

Master the Korean alphabet with our Hangul Quest app

Master the Korean alphabet with our Hangul Quest app

We created the Hangul Quest app to provide learners with a fun and interactive tool to master the Korean alphabet. Hangul Quest app features interactive learning methods and engaging lessons to ensure that you master the essential foundations of the Hangul alphabetwith ease and confidence. 

What will I learn in the Hangul Quest app?

Through our Hangul Quest app, you will gain valuable knowledge about:

  1. The structure of Hangul: Understand the underlying principles that form the basis of Hangul.
  2. Romanization of Hangul: Learn how Hangul is transliterated into the Roman alphabet for easier pronunciation.
  3. 40 Hangul characters: Master each of the 40 characters of Hangul through engaging stories and mnemonics.

You will be able to draw hangul character strokes directly on your cell phone screen to practice writing daily without the use of pen and paper. But let’s see in the next paragraph in more detail what you will find in the app and how it will help you master the Korean alphabet.

Table to master the Korean alphabet with our Hangul Quest app

How does the Hangul Quest app work?

The Hangul Quest app empowers you to read, write, and remember Hangul through a range of interactive features, including:

  1. Pronunciation: Hone your accent by listening to and imitating authentic speech.
  2. Keywords: Each character is associated with a special word or mnemonic, aiding your ability to read and pronounce it correctly.
  3. Stories: Memorable narratives connect the shape of the Hangul characters with keywords, facilitating better retention.
  4. Drawing: Learn to draw each stroke of the characters accurately, following the correct position, direction, and order.
  5. Test yourself: Gauge your progress and earn experience points as you level up your skills.
  6. Advanced topics: Once you complete the course, delve into the intricacies of Hangul, including irregular pronunciations and more.

How much does the Hangul Quest app cost?

Hangul Quest offers the first 6 characters for free, allowing you to experience the app’s effectiveness firsthand. To unlock the entire content, including all 40 characters, the cost is only $3.99, providing unlimited access to our comprehensive course.

For information on how the app works, we suggest you read our FAQ from the website, with frequently asked questions and answers.

Download Hangul Quest todayfrom the iOS or Android store and get ready to start your journey toward Korean fluency!

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