8 tips to attend a K-pop concert in Korea

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Calling all K-pop fans from all over the world! Ever wondered what it is like to experience a K-pop concert in Korea? Enough of watching fan-cams on YouTube, now you get to meet your beloved idols in person! We promise it is going to be exhilarating and an experience you will never forget, so read on to find out!

8 helpful tips for K-pop concerts in Korea

1. Online ticketing in Korea

The main K-pop concert ticketing system in Korea is via online purchases, made through Yes24 or Interpark. You are strongly advised to set up a compulsory user account in advance to avoid any issues due to online traffic congestion on the day of ticket sales. Only use your registered name throughout the whole K-pop concert ticketing process, and do not purchase resale tickets as it encourages the likelihood of fraud or illegal activities!

As many of the online ticketing and fan club websites have access to Korean only, it will be good to pick up some basic Korean to make your ticketing experience a breeze!

Be sure to mark the K-pop concert dates, and remember to check the timezone for the ticket sales period as some concerts may have pre-sales starting in the evening time while the official sales period starts in the morning.

Always try to log onto the ticketing site at least 15 minutes before the start of the ticket sales, just in case anything pops up!

2. K-pop fan club membership

Most would have already known, K-pop idol groups have their own global official fan club memberships for a fee. These fan club memberships are usually valid for one year only and on a renewable basis.

Additionally, are you aware that in some countries, they do practice a local fan club membership too? They observe special rules for its members, for instance, the BTS fan club in Japan does not allow their members to buy tickets for K-pop concerts in Korea. On the other hand, some Korean fan clubs can’t be joined unless you have a Korean phone number. But fret not, most K-pop idol groups follow the International one!

One of the biggest benefits of joining the global official fan club is that generally there will be a concert ticket presale for registered members only and the tickets are usually good seats too. If you are looking to participate in the presale, apply for your fan club membership beforehand!

3. Purchasing your first K-pop fan light stick

Once you’ve secured your concert tickets, now you will want to be part of that legendary “light sea”, so prepare your light stick in advance!

Regularly, K-pop fan light sticks are available for purchase at their respective official merchandise store, online and offline. For instance, for idol groups under HYBE, you may refer to Weverse. You may also find them at offline stores such as WithMuu. Do note that this offline store may only be convenient if you’re attending a K-pop concert in Seoul.

The fan light stick should be available for sale on the concert day itself too. However, based on experience, there will only be limited sets that sell out fast. If you are looking to get them on the concert day, you might need to arrive as soon as the concert merchandise booth opens!

4. Connect your fan light stick via Bluetooth

With technology advancements, now the fan light stick is not just used to wave among the concert crowd or simply a keepsake item. One of the main highlights is being part of the K-pop concert experience, part of the moving light wave, which changes according to the different performances and stage effects.

After getting your light stick, you are required to download an app to register and connect via Bluetooth. It works the same on the concert day, once connected, you’re ready to go!

Kpop idols dolls - Kpop concert

5. Dress code for the concert

One very special characteristic of a K-pop concert is that there is a dress code for fans! Although it is not a strict rule to abide by, imagine how elated your idols will be if everyone turns up in the specific dress code. Normally, such an arrangement will be announced a week before the concert day so you have plenty of time to plan and decide on your outfit.

One good example would be dressing in black and pink for BLACKPINK’s concert and one of our own experiences was donning white attire at SEVENTEEN’s concert!

6. Redeeming physical tickets at the ticket box

The next thing you should be aware of is how to redeem your physical tickets onsite. As purchasing of K-pop concert tickets is usually done online so on the concert day, you will have to redeem your physical concert tickets. This process aims to identify every purchaser to avoid fraud. Therefore, it is very essential that you use your registered name throughout the ticketing process.

At the ticket box, you should see the booths labeled in alphabetical order. It is segregated by the names of the ticket holders. For example, if your name is Lee Jia Yan then you should approach the L-booth. Or if your name is Kenneth Lewis then approach the K-booth. Present your passport and proof of ticket purchase to redeem your physical ticket.

It is also advisable to reach the concert venue at least 2 hours in advance. This gives you ample time to redeem your tickets. Do also note that queuing up to enter the venue is usually 30 minutes before.

7. Things to bring along

Compulsory items to bring along would be your passport or identity card as well as proof of ticket purchase, this could be in PDF or printed form.

Some other items that we recommend to bring along are things like a small portable fan, umbrella, portable charger and hand warmers if the concert is during winter.

8. General rules and restrictions

There is a set of rules and restrictions pertaining to K-pop concert visitation. Some generic rules include bag size restriction, if it is bigger than the permitted size, you may be asked to store your belongings at the baggage storage station at a fee of about KRW 5000.

Strictly no recording devices allowed, no outside food and drink allowed, though a water bottle should be fine. Also, try not to be late as you may be denied entry after the concert commences.

Are you ready to tick this off your bucket list? We wish you luck in getting your tickets and immersing yourself in this exciting K-pop concert experience!

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