Korean couples love celebrating anniversaries, sharing food, and having experiences together. Here are some more fun facts about Korean couple culture in Korea.

Couple items are a thing!

In Korea, it’s normal to see couples dressing the same or similarly with matching outfits. On the streets, you can often see “couple T-shirts” being sold, couples walking by with the same type of sneakers, and some even wearing the same outfit color combination. You might also notice that they share the same phone case design. This is a fun way of showing people around you that you are a stylish couple. It’s more of a norm in Korea rather than being a cheesy couple thing.

Korean couples celebrate more anniversaries!

Along with monthly and yearly anniversaries, Korean couples also count the days they have been together! This can be easily done by downloading a date counting app. The 100th-day anniversary is one of the bigger celebrations – counting from the first day they got into an official relationship. Following the 100th-day anniversary, the 200th, 300th, 500th, and 1000th-day anniversaries are also special days to celebrate with a date out!

Just like in the west, they also celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th. However, they do things a bit differently. Girls buy or make chocolates to give to their boyfriend and other friends give each other chocolate as well. One month later the guys give back to the girls on White Day. Read more about White Day here.

Korean couple rings

Korean couples get matching rings and these are called couple rings. They usually go buy couple rings after the 100th day anniversary or when they want to show that they are in a committed relationship. These rings don’t have to cost a fortune but most couples do want to have a stylish design with their names engraved on the inside.

Dating spots in Korea

Koreans come up with so many fun and cool ideas for couples and even friends! Especially living in Seoul, you will find it hard to get bored with all the new trends and activities Seoul has to offer! Koreans search the Internet on Naver (Korea’s Number 1 Web Portal, similar to Google) follow social media, and even download dating apps to get new ideas and get updates on what the trends are. Trying new activities together is very common in Korea.

Here are some examples of dating spots in Korea:

  • Photoshoots at themed exhibitions or cafes.
  • Board game cafes and VR game rooms!
  • Arts and crafts classes: design your very own candles, soaps, ceramics, slime, etc.
  • Get your fortune told at a tarot card tent and in a Korean fortune-telling “Saju Café”.
  • Test your teamwork in an escape room!
  • Hiking up a mountain! Korea has plenty of hiking trails and amazing views at the top!
  • Watch a baseball game! The atmosphere is amazing and you can eat chicken & beer and cheer on your favorite team.

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