We understand COVID-19 makes travelling difficult and we do not want that to get in the way of your passion for Korea. Therefore, we have created an online Korean course in collaboration with Hanyang University. This 10-week course is adapted from the regular curriculum you can study at Hanyang University’s intensive program. Enjoy this beginner immersive course taught by Hanyang University’s experienced teachers!

About Hanyang University

The Hanyang Institute of International Education has been teaching Korean and Korean culture to foreign learners from around the world since it started its intensive course in 1997 and now has launched an online Korean course.

The course aims to improve Korean communication skills through integrated education in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Students acquire the Korean language necessary for daily life as well as academic Korean communicative ability needed for university studies. Korean language faculty members have a master’s degree or higher and a Korean teaching certificate. They are constantly researching and developing both textbooks and teaching methods for efficient instruction.

Online course features

  • Immersive: Taught in Korean from the very beginning. You should be familiar with Hangul (Korean alphabet) before taking the course.
  • On-Demand: Study at your own pace. Start & stop lessons without limit. Review lessons any time!
  • Student Community: Ask fellow students and the teachers questions through our online student community board!
  • Video Sharing: Utilize Flipgrid, an online educational video sharing platform, to practice your speaking, meet your classmates, and receive feedback!
  • Certification: Receive an official certificate from Hanyang University after completing the course!

Online course benefits

  • TOPIK Test Preparation: The course will help you prepare for the TOPIK I (Test of Proficiency in Korean) test.
  • Enjoy Hallyu (The Korean Wave): You will be singing along to your favorite K-pop songs in no time! Further your comprehension of Korean dramas and movies as well!
  • Prepare for your future trip to Korea: Learn the basics to navigate the city, order at restaurants, and shop!

It is easy to start enjoying all the online course has to offer. First create an account, register for the course, and pay the fee! We will be releasing a new unit every day starting September 7th. Don’t worry, you will have access to the whole course for 6 months from the date you register. You can review previous lessons and units any time!

Register now here.