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Vie étudiante à Hanyang University : entrée de l'université

When picking which language course is right for you, it can be difficult to know which location would be best to suit your needs. If you are discovering Seoul for the first time through learning Korean at one of our school partners, this blog post will provide information all about student life at Hanyang University and the surrounding Hongdae area.

Student life at Hanyang university

Student life at Hanyang University campus

Hanyang University is a private research university based in Seongdong-gu, Seoul. The university is known for providing high-quality education to students as well as its extensive research in engineering and business.

Additionally, Hanyang is also famous for supporting their international students via their exchange programs and language courses. By being a student at Hanyang University you will be introduced to the various student clubs available, enabling you to create a network of Korean friends easily.

For a full list of campus dormitories and facilities in English, please refer to the page provided here.

Official campus map: Campus Map & Directions – Hanyang University

University address: 222 Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, 04763
(우) 04763 서울특별시 성동구 왕십리로 222

Closest subway station: Hanyang University station, Line 2, Exits 2 & 3
한양대역 2호선 2,3번출구

Closest bus station: Hanyang University Main Gate or Hanyang University Station
한양대정문 or 한양대역

Student life at Hanyang University and its surrounding areas

Korean clothes

Seongsu | 성수동

Seongsu-dong was originally a district known for manufacturing clothing items adjacent to the Han River. However, the area is now known for its cafes & restaurants that have taken over the once factory buildings. Seongsu is one of the most popular up-and-coming neighborhoods in Seoul which is why it has gained the nickname as being ‘The Brooklyn of Seoul’. This trendy area is great to explore if you are studying at Hanyang university as the area is constantly evolving to have lots of new attractions.

Besides this, the area is also close to Kondae, another popular student area within the Gwangjin-gu province.

Walk from the university campus: 20 minutes.

Closest Subway station: Seongsu station, Line 2, Exit 1 & 4
성수역, 2호선, 1,4번출구

Closest Bus station: Seongsu station Exit 4, line 2, Seongsu station

Ttukseom | 뚝섬

Ttukseom is another trendy up-and-coming area located right next to Seongsu station. The area is famous with locals for its many small, unique shops and art focused museums. Ttukseom is a combination of the city, river and forest, making it a great place to visit for students seeking variety in the city, which can be hard to come across. When visiting this unique area, it is a great idea to visit all of the art galleries that the area has become renowned for, such as:

  • Ttukseom Gallery 뚝섬미술관- Famous across social media for its interactive art installations.
  • Tessa Art Museum 텟사 미술관- A gallery that showcases the work of new Korean artists.
  • The page gallery 더페이지갤러리- Conceptual modern art and sculpture gallery located next to Seoul forest.
  • Bondavinci Museum 본다빈치뮤지엄 서울숲- Interactive and immersive show-room styled gallery which showcases different famous artists and art movements.

Walk from the university campus: 20 minutes.

Closest Subway station: Ttukseom station, Line 2.
뚝섬역 2호선

Closest Bus station: Ttukseom station exit 5
뚝섬역 5번출구

Wangsimni | 왕십리

Wangsimni is an area which is located close by the campus. Despite the district around Wangsimni being mainly residential, the area is very charming and has local spots to make the best of your student life at Hanyang University.

Wangsimni is also home to some of Seoul’s interesting dessert and coffee shops too. These include popular cafes such as ‘Vongdabang’ (봉순이네다락방) and ‘In the Mass’ (인더마스).

Walk from the university: 18 minute walk from the university campus.

Closest Subway station: Wangsimni station, Line 2 & Line 5
왕십리역 2호선 5호선

Closest bus station: Wangsimni station, 왕십리역

Attractions to check out near Hanyang University

Student Life at Hanyang University - Korean letters on a stone

Hanyang University Museum | 한양대학교 박물관

One of the best attractions to check out if you choose to study with Hanyang university is actually within the campus itself. Whether you are familiar with Korea’s history or not, the Hanyang university museum (한양대학교 박물관) perfectly breaks down Korea’s history from the stone age until modern day. The museum contains many permanent exhibitions that highlight key artifacts from a variety of historical periods.

As well as showcasing items from the Goleo ‘고려’ the Joseon ‘조선’ dynasties, the museum also holds special exhibitions throughout the year. These special events are often centered around modern-day themes and issues, making each visit to the museum an exciting experience for students.

Walk from the university campus: On campus, Building 109.

Address:  222 Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul 04763
(우) 04763 서울특별시 성동구 왕십리로 222

Closest subway station: Hanyang University station, Line 2, Exits 2 & 3
한양대역 2호선 2,3번출구

Closest bus station: Hanyang University Main Gate or Hanyang University Station
한양대정문 or 한양대역

Seoul Forest | 서울숲

Seoul forest is a great place to visit if you are wanting to enjoy nature while living in the city. This national family park, which opened in 2002, stretches over 1.16 million m² of land, meaning you should allow ample time to view all that the forest has to offer.

Seoul forest consists primarily of five areas, many containing interesting wildlife as well as sculptures and statues. At the forest you can enjoy many types of food as well as shop at the various small Korean businesses located at the park’s entrance. Due to this, Seoul forest is the perfect location in the city to have picnics and is a popular location with locals, especially during Autumn.

Also, nearby Seoul forest is the ‘Seoul forest food alley’- a road aside the forest entrance that is filled with tons of great café spots to suit everyone’s tastes.

Walk from the university campus: 30 minutes.

Address: 678-1 Seongsu-dong 1 (il)-ga Seongdong-gu Seoul
서울특별시 성동구 성수동1가 678-1

Closest Subway station: Seoul forest station, Bundang Line, Exit 3
서울역 수인분당 3번출구

Closest Bus station: Seoul forest station Exit 3 서울역 3번출구

Grandfather’s Factory | 할아버지 공장

Grandfather’s Factory (할아버지 공장) is a very popular restaurant and café. Students frequently enjoy it for its relaxed atmosphere and cozy style seating, which is perfectly optimized for studying or working. This café’s concept is that of an ‘urban jungle‘, executed by even containing a real tree house hangout in the centre of this previous factory building’s courtyard. The café is spread over three floors with each level being created for different customer atmospheres. As part of your student life at Hanyang university, checking out unique locations like this one are especially ideal for meeting friends while studying.

Walk from the university campus: 39 minutes.

Address: 9 Seongsui-ro 7 ga-gil Seongdong-gu Seoul 04781
(우) 04781 서울특별시 성동구 성수이로 7가길 9

Closest Subway station: Seongsu station, Line 2, Exit 3
성수역 2호선 3번출구

Closest Bus station: Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency 6th Task Force, 서울경찰청제6기동단

We look forward to you studying Korean at Hanyang University’s Korean language program! 

If you enjoyed this article, keep following the Go! Go! Hanguk blog and don’t hesitate to contact us about living and studying in Korea.

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