Study in Korea with the Hanyang University Visiting Program

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Hanyang University is a leading private research-focused university in South Korea and you could have the chance to study there.

Read on to find out more about how to study in Korea through the Hanyang University Visiting Program.

What is the Visiting Program?

The Visiting Program gives students from overseas universities the chance to study for one semester or one year in Korea at Hanyang University. This gives students the chance to study at one of Korea’s top tertiary institutions, which welcomes around 10,000 foreign students each year.

Importantly, this program does not require your home university or college to have a formal agreement with Hanyang University in order to participate in the program.

There are two start terms – March and September.

Hanyang Visiting Program

Can I earn credits?

Yes! Although we would recommend you double-check with your home university or college first to make sure they will accept those credits.

There are two course options available:

  1. The university course, which you can take in English or Korean. You can choose from any of the 124 departments. There are more than 1000 courses available in English.
  2. The Korean language course:
    – Introductory Korean: twice a week for 3 credits.
    – Intensive Korean: 5 times a week for 13 credits.

You can take up to 20 credits per semester. There is no minimum credit amount.

What do I need to apply to the Visiting Program?

Students need to be enrolled in a university or college and they should ideally have completed one semester at their home university or college before participating in this program.

The documents you will need for your Visiting Program application are:

  1. Passport ID Photo
  2. Scanned copy of your passport information page
  3. Official transcript from your home university
  4. Bank statement showing the equivalent of US$4000 for every term you apply for
  5. Health insurance certificate with international coverage for the period of your study

Hanyang University will sponsor a D-2-8 student visa for the Visiting Program in Korea. We will help you with this process, so don’t worry!

Hanyang Visiting Program

Application period

For the March term, students need to apply between October and November. For the September term, they should apply between April and May.

You will need all the documents listed above and be able to pay the total tuition fee.

Go! Go! Hanguk can support you in the application process for no extra cost. We will make sure you have all the right documentation so you can worry less about the application process.

Cost of the Visiting Program

Tuition for the Hanyang University Visiting Program in Korea is KRW4,000,000 per semester. This includes a KRW200,000 application fee and KRW3,800,000 tuition fee.

Note that all fees go to Hanyang University, however the application fee is paid to Go! Go! Hanguk. The tuition fee is paid directly to the university.

Accommodation in Korea

Hanyang University has a student dormitory, but it also offers private rooms and up to four-person rooms.

If you want something more private or not on the university campus, then contact us and we can help you with different accommodation options.

If you would like to know more, please check out our FAQs and contact us if you have any other questions. Don’t miss this opportunity to study abroad in Korea with Hanyang University!

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