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Life in Korea
No employee shops have been appearing globally over the past few years. Although places like Amazon have launched stores with this concept world-wide, they have been actively growing in Seoul and stock much more than...
Life in Korea
If you are visiting Korea for the first time, you will quickly notice that hiking is a common hobby. Many South Korean cities are surrounded by beautiful mountains that showcase the country’s incredible views. As...
Korean Culture
Korean soju (소주) is a popular alcoholic drink in South Korea which every Korean has tried at least once in their lifetime. Known in some circles as ‘Korean Firewater’, soju (소주) is without a doubt...
Life in Korea
Kakao, the large Internet conglomerate (재벌, chaebol), was formed by the merger of Daum Corporation and KakaoTalk in 2014. Alongside Naver, Kakao is one of the top companies in Korea with its main businesses focused...
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